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Annual Rates

2024 Rates

 Inquire at the Pro Shop or call 509 - 545 - 3440

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2023 Annual Passes
4 Day Mon-Thu $1,299
5 Day Mon-Fri $1,549
7 Day Everyday $1,929
Each Additional Dependent
4 Day Mon-Thu $575
5 Day Mon-Fri $675
7 Day Everyday $849
Cart Trail Fee
Fee if stored on site $299
Fee if trailed in $329
Annual Cart Pass
Annual Cart $649
Each Additional Dependent $199
Preferred Player Card
Annual Fee $354
50% off the green fee rack rate
Senior Card
Annual Fee $159
$39 with Cart Monday - Thursday Only (55+ in Age)
Willows Club
Monthly Fee $35
$15 walking or $25 riding, complimentary range balls.
7 Days a week after Twilight time. 
Range Pass
Annual Fee for Preferred $449
Annual Fee for Pass Holders $365
All Prices are subject to State & City Sales Tax

Top Reasons to become a member at Sun Willows Golf Course!

Saving money – During the course of the year, you can generally make good on your investment of an unlimited membership by playing 36 times. 32 rounds for a Mon. – Fri. membership and 30 rounds Mon. – Thur. 13 rounds would be equivalent of paying for a preferred card, and then enjoy the benefits of half price golf for the year. While about 10 times covers a Silver Senior Mon. – Thur. card and then $39 with a cart every time after that.

Access to other benefits – We have membership pricing on Cart Lease, Range Pass, tournament events and banquet / Facility rental. We have Membership only Clinics and Events during the year.

Flexibility – Only time for 9 holes before dark? 6 holes? Looks like it might rain? Owning a membership lets you get the most out of each round.

Health Benefits – Physical Health, Weight Loss, Better Sleep, Mental Health are benefits of playing golf and being active. Walking a round of golf is even more beneficial.

Improve Your Skills – Want to smoke your friends? Have a hidden talent revealed? Beat a family member? We all do!! Increasing your rounds of golf in a year, maybe a lesson can help you improve and feel good about your golf game.

Meeting People – We have many groups and outings where we can all meet people (Safely). Meeting new people and having social interaction is very therapeutic and can give a better quality of life. Sun Willows Golf Course have highly active Men’s and Ladies Clubs with fun competition offered throughout the season and great camaraderie.